This is Andaleeb here. I’m so done with writing content for my own website that I decided to blow it all up and focus on just this newsletter. So, in case you came here, looking for my website, this is it.

So, I’m a writer. I write fiction and would like to do that as long as I can, for the rest of my life. So far, I’ve managed to write 25 novels in ten years. Fifteen of these were published by traditional publishers such as Penguin, Hachette, Rupa and Speaking Tiger. Some of my eBooks have been published by Juggernaut but I also have a few that I have self-published on Amazon KDP.

I send out my newsletters very erratically. Sometimes multiple in a week (that happened when the KDP thing really got to me) and sometimes I won’t send out anything for a couple of months at least because I feel like there’s nothing to say.

I’m constantly writing. The best place where you can find me is on Instagram Stories where I keep posting a lot of rubbish about my writing day. So don’t mind me.

And I hope you enjoy reading my newsletter!

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Andaleeb is a writer. She loves telling stories and she loves to connect with readers.