Only You

Book 5 of The Destination Wedding Series


If you follow me on Instagram or any other social media actually (apart from LinkedIn) you would have seen me post videos every day of this week, reintroducing the books of the Destination Wedding Series.

Today, I’m revealing the cover of Book 5 of this series.

Only You is about Ghazal, Khalil’s sister -

An arranged marriage was her destiny. 

But she was determined to fall in love before she got married.

The only problem?

She fell for one brother.

And married the other. 

Ghazal and Hamdaan's story, Only You, is Book 5 of The Destination Wedding Series. 

Out on 5 March, 2021.

Pre-order it here.

And since I love back stories, here’s a little bit of the back story to keep you going until then!

Frankly speaking, I had no idea I’d carry this series until Book 5! It Was Always You was meant to be a standalone novel about Naima and Khalil’s enduring love story during a chaotic destination wedding. But Uzair walked into the story in the very first chapter and I had to trash all my meticulously scribbled notes and redo everything from scratch and I think that was a good decision because Uzair is well, one of my all-time favourites.

Then of course, when I changed course, Khalil was to be a douchebag and someone everyone should hate but he ended up being even more endearing than Uzair. So he had to get his own story in Remembering You with Kimmy.

The series took an unexpected turn when I wrote about Uzair’s brother Umar and Naima’s best friend Shireen in Smitten by You which funnily enough is a strong favourite among many readers. Funny because it’s not much of a Destination Wedding per se and can actually be read as a standalone novel.

Then, many readers had really wanted to see what story I would come up with for Aditi, the wedding planner behind the Destination Weddings and it was finally released in October this year. Enchanted by You is constantly hovering among the top releases in most charts (humble brag) but thank you once again for all this love!

Some readers are telling me to not end this series but how is that even possible, dear readers? I have to move on, and so do you! I have new things planned for 2021, with at least two print releases with Penguin and Penguin-Duckbill happening and lots of other exciting stuff planned.

On that note, I’ll see you soon with new updates in 2021, InshaAllah. I have to catch up on lots of reading, on sleep and TV shows that I’ve bookmarked to watch but haven’t had the time!

Happy Holidays!